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We are equipped with a range of specialized services which provides accurate and reliable information empowering local government agencies to make smarter decisions, faster and more consistently across their organizations.


Adaptable Mobile Data Transfer

AMDT (Adaptable Mobile Data Transfer)

Provides secure “Real Time” data via our Data Management System (DMS) to the end user, i.e. Police officer on scene, ensuring they have all they need while on scene. The AMDT also provides a powerful on-demand analytic reporting tool for Management to track and manage caseloads, as well as keep track of officers in the field. AMDT provides facts driven decision making solution in “real time” at your fingertips.

CECPS(Court Electronic Conviction Process Solution)

CECPS enables states to link courts documents with the Driver License Office. This allows for better tracking of citations, warrants, fines and more all in real time. CECPS provides instant communication across all connected entities, pushing new information in real time i.e. citations, arrest warrants, fines to all officers leading to increased efficiency, seamless communication all at your fingertips.

CTT (Car Towing Tracker)

Our CTT solution allows us to position our tow trucks at strategic locations, giving our customers a competitive advantage over other towing services, as well as allowing them to stay profitable in an ultra-competitive environment.

How the CTT Solution works: Using traffic data and publicly available traffic records, our solution connects to google map’s API in real time, and through our algorithm it makes real time decision as to where our fleet needs to be positioned. On average, our customers are able to respond within 10 minutes.

The CTT Solution is also sold and in use by multiple companies in markets outside the state of Georgia i.e.  New York, California , Arkansas etc.

OOES (Offline/Online Educational System)

It is a Hybrid technology that allows students, parents and educator access relevant information when needed regardless of their location.


This is a user friendly e-learning solution, that allows schools to upload personalized and interactive content such as classes, lab experiments, assignments, assessments, quiz, exams and more. This solution offers a powerful virtual library, which contains all the books and school materials for students to access seamlessly. Eliminating or reducing paper learning, high prices paid for textbooks prices, and encourages learning anywhere.

Furthermore, this solution offers Parents the ability to track their kid’s attendance and progress in school. No more fake report cards! No more missed communications between Teachers and Parents! One platform for all communications for both parents and teachers.


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