Who We Are

You-Me Technology is a software company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our focus is solving social issues that You and Me have encountered due to the lack of innovative technology in governmental functions. We radically improve on these social issues by leveraging AI, data analytics and automation to streamline these processes. In return, we increase productivity, the speed and accuracy of decision-making, reduce costs which in turn, allows you to be more efficient, responsive and focused on what’s really important “the citizens”.

Our mission to empower local governments and their growth, as well as our vision to simplify processes and reduce cost, for governmental agencies, institutions and companies specifically in the African and US market. We are currently in the process of expanding operations in West Africa, with our product currently in late-stage review, ready for adoption in countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our Leaders

Paul Smith
Paul SmithCEO
Paul Smith joined You-Me group in 2001 as the senior vice president of product research and became the COO of You-Me Technology Inc in 2005 and then CEO in 2007.

He holds a Bachelor in Science from Osmania University, an MBA from University of California, Berkley, and an MS from Bowling Green State University.

Linda Jones
Linda JonesCFO
After a 10-year stint with You-Me Technology Inc, Linda Jones was appointed as the chief financial officer of the company in February 2015.

She previously held the position of executive vice president of You-Me Technology’s Cloud and Education group.

Dan O’Brein
Dan O’BreinVP of Marketing
Dan O’Brein joined You-Me Technology Inc as co-VP of operations in 2008, while serving simultaneously as operations manager of You-Me Education branch then became Vice President of Marketing of the company in 2018.
Jeff Jackson
Jeff JacksonVP of Engineering
Jeff Jackson joined You-Me Technology Inc in 2006 and held various positions before being appointed as Vice president of engineering in April 2014.
Previously, he was the head of the company’s global services.
Mark Romney
Mark RomneyVP of IT
Mark Romney, after serving as executive vice president of product operations for nearly two years, he was appointed as vice president of IT and general manager of the Application Networking of the company.